Meet the Global Pet food Outlet team

The people & pets who make the magic happen.


Lead Manager

I am the lead manager for both our stores. I’ve learned so much over the years about how to build a team and run a business. It has been incredible to see how we’ve been able to impact so many people in such a short time.

Pig is my black and white Frenchie. She’s a total ham. As you can see, she doesn’t shy away from the camera much.


Social Media Curator

All that sweet content you see on Instagram and through our newsletter you get straight from me. If you send us a message, I’m usually the one to respond. I would love to hear from you!

Muphy is one of my 4 cats. He is undoubtedly one of the biggest loves of my life and the best cuddler in the world!!


Web Content & Account Manager

I love meeting new people and finding new ways to bring you content that you’ll absolutely love. Madonna and I work closely together, but I’m more ‘big picture’ (she’s the artsy one).

I’ve had pets for most of my life, and I can’t imagine not being involved with animals in some way or another. I’m grateful for this opportunity to build a stronger community through the eyes of pets!

**Special thanks to all our hard working employees. Without you we wouldn’t be here! **

We’re committed to bringing you the best pet products always at our everyday low price. Others may try to match us, but we’ll always be committed to giving you the deals others won’t. That’s our guarantee. 



It started with an idea. We wanted to provide the highest quality pet brands at an affordable price. From our experience, pet lovers are universally some of the most authentic around. They will truly go out of their way to take care of the animals they love. 

But we started to notice that many families had to make the difficult decision to either give up their pets because of the cost or sacrifice on quality altogether. 

We have over 70 years experience in the pet food & supply industry. That’s a whole lot of dog biscuits!  Our roots actually stem from the US military working with and training army dogs. It eventually grew into what it is now – Torrance and Culver City’s local pet food and supply store. 

We’re family-owned and run by pet enthusiasts. We’re a small mom and pop shop, but you bet your socks off we love like like no big store can. 

Small business makes our communities blossom. We’re proud of our contributions and are committed to our community, to our people, to our pets.

Thank you for choosing us time and again.

With gratitude, 

-Ashley, Madonna, Leeor & The Global Pet Food Outlet Team

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