Types of events
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Holiday Contests

We host holiday giveaways and contests. On Halloween come dressed-up with your pet in costume and get your photo taken. Receive extra goodies just for participating. Oh yeah!

Foster a dog!

We've partnered with Lahsa Happy Homes, a non-profit dog shelter, to bring you adopt-ready dogs right to our Culver City store. Not ready to adopt? Come in for a quick play and say hello! Dates vary.

Customer Appreciation Day

Everyone likes to be appreciated. Every year we host a day that's all about our customers. Come for free food & drink, extra promotions & more. Let us say thank you in the best way we know how!

Dog Trainings

Every dog can learn new tricks. We host workshops with local trainers who teach pups basic manners, life skills & tricks! It's Classical Conditioning at its finest.

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